The AIPPC (Catholic Psychologists and Psychiatrists Italian Association), in this moment of intense emergency, expresses its appreciation for the “Io non aspetto” fundraising campaign which sees leading among the sponsoring bodies, the ”Presenza” Volunteer Association with its President Don Silvio Mesiti, who has always been committed at the service of the disabled, disadvantaged people, people in difficulty and the whole community in our territory. The “Io non aspetto” initiative aims to make up for the shortcomings of our health system and provide support to citizens and operators in extreme difficulty during this epochal crisis. This state of emergency must not discourage even if it makes us thinking on how gradually our territory has been depleted of means and resources. But, at this particular moment, we believe that what is necessary is to combine efforts and aid in order to mitigate the risks to which we are all exposed. The Covid-19 is frightening us, is an enemy without borders, invisible, faceless, from which we cannot escape because not only it is among us, but it can even be found in us, in our own organism. In the organizational crisis for the structure of our health system, for the ”piana” in particular, where beyond the great professionalism and humanity of all operators, tools, beds, innovative and adequate diagnostic equipment, individual protection devices and more are lacking, we believe, therefore, that a gesture of solidarity that allows the purchase of equipment, equipment for the Mechanical ventilation Therapy, PPE, swabs for testings and reagents or anything else necessary to face this unparalleled emergency is important. We want to thank all those who want to join the “Io non aspetto” fundraising campaign carried out by the ”Presenza” Volunteer Association. What we’re facing is a race against time, with a help from everyone it will become a new dawn in which “I own what I have given”.

AIPPC Calabria
President Dr. Anna Bagalà